SEO Creators will tell you about Why We Need SEO and SMM in 2018. SEO is compulsory for all business and brand websites because without SEO your business or brand website will not provide you effective and fast results. To increase business and brand presence in Google, only SEO will help you. Everyone knows the importance of SEO in 2018 because Google will not show 10 websites at the top or in the first page and according to a survey 90% internet users will not click on 2 page of Google.

So you need to come to the first page and you need SEO. With the help of SEO, your website will come on Google first page. Basically, SEO takes some months to show the output so you need to do SEO slowly and do good work to attain better results.

Why We Need SEO and SMM in 2018

We Need SEO To Increase Rank on Google

First major use of SEO in 2018 is ranking in Google results. SEO will help to increase your website rank and visibility on Google so that your website will improve its rank and authority in search results. Only with the help of SEO, you can improve your website rank.

To Improve Website Reputation and Visibility

SEO will help you to increase your website visibility and reputation because SEO friendly website has more authority and reputation in Google as compare to the non-SEO friendly website. More reputation and more visibility mean high rank in Google.

To improve Traffic on Website

SEO will help to boost website traffic and visitors because in SEO we do link building that’s why direct traffic or visitors come to the website and increase website click baits and traffic. More clicks on the website mean more high reputation and rank in Google.

To Increase Business Sales

For business websites SEO is must because SEO will boost website sales and revenue. SEO will increase website rank and increase business website visibility in search results. SEO factors that we need to use on a business website.

Add important keywords in website

Mobile optimization of website

Voice search optimization

SSL Certificate to improve security

Add heading tags H1, H2……H6

Keyword Density

Content Optimization’

Link Building

Use Google Tools like Google Analytics, Google search console, keyword planner etc

Internal Linking of Website

Why We Need SEO and SMM in 2018

SMM is also playing the very important role in the website and in 2018 because with the help of social media marketing(SMM) you can boost your brand or business website popularity, traffic and social media presence in top social media sites.

Basically, social media marketing is used to generate conversions and leads and attract new clients and used to improve reputation and engagements in social sites. Top social sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ are used to expand business and increase popularity.

SMM is also used to boost website traffic because social media sites have millions of users so you can easily get huge traffic from social sites. SEO and SMM both are playing an essential role in websites.

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