SEO Creators will tell you about Top SEO Optimization factors in 2018. SEO optimization is very important for any type of website like business, brand or commercial etc because SEO optimization will help you to increase your website reputation, authority and SEO score in Google.

In 2018 the SEO trends are totally changed because there is no space in the Google for old SEO tricks so we need to apply and do new techniques and new trends of SEO to increase website rank in Google but carefully because SEO needs time to show the output.

Top SEO Optimization factors in 2018

Speed and AMP Optimization

First of all, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is used to increase the web page loads speed in the mobile browser and help to increase website speed and provide more user experience and interface. AMP is now important for heavy websites to increase its mobile experience and speed.

Speed now becomes very important in SEO and it is ranking factor, slow speed websites will never rank on Google first page. If you want to attain high rank in Google results than you need to optimize your website speed.

How to improve web page loads speed –

Compress and reduce the sizes of images

Improve your hosting plans and choose a good hosting provider company

Minify the coding files

Enable AMP on the website to boost speed for mobile users

Improve Security with SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Security certificate in Google like which websites have SSL layer or certificate its HTTP changed into HTTPS the S means security. It is used to improve the website security, reputation, and authority because SSL certified websites attain better rank in Google and it is a ranking signal also.

Security is very important because without security your website might be get hack or if anyone doing online payment from your website then there is many chances of scams or cheat. So for all online payment websites, the SSL is compulsory and must need.

Responsive Design of Website

Responsive design is very important because your website must be fit for all types of screen sizes like Mobiles, Tablets and desktop or laptops so that it will provide a good user experience in all types of screens. If your website is not responsive in mobile phones than Google will never rank your website higher in results so optimization is must in 2018.

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