SEO Creators will tell you about Tips To Boost The Speed of Your Website. As we all heard and know that Slow and steady wins the Race but this formula is not applied to search engine results. If you work slowly in Google than you never win in search results. Website super fast speed and performance is the ranking signal factors of website success.

Great speed of website will always push website ranking up in Google and build a strong presence in Google. With the help of amazing speed of a website, your website will attain rank in Google first page.

TTips To Boost The Speed of Your Website

Analyze Website Performance

To boost your website speed first you need to analyze your website to see how website performance in Google and analyze the optimization factors to boost website speed like –

Check Web page Speed in Google Tool

Optimize Images

Minify CSS


Cache Browsing and Server Response Time

Ignore Redirections

Gzip Compression

These all are the factors we need to do on the website to boost website speed in Google results.

First, you need to check your website page speed in Google Page Insights Tools and that tool will tell your website speed in desktop results and in mobile results.

See if a website takes 4 plus seconds to load than your website needs speed improvements and you need to fix all speed parameters.

Compress Images

Compress and reduce all website images to boost website speed because high-quality images size is too long and it will decrease the website speed in browsing. So image optimization is a must in 2018 to boost website speed.

If you are using any WordPress website then you can install compress plug-in in the website and do compress and you can also use online image compressing tools to reduce image size and size but don’t reduce image quality.

Minify Coding like CSS and JAVA

Minify coding is very because the unused coding on the website will drop website speed, so you need to minify the files and deleted the extra coding from websites. Minify is the effective way to boost website speed.

Enable cache browsing on your website to boost speed for recent users. Cache browsing will help you to boost website speed because once a user visits your website than user browser will save your website in the cache memory.

Then the user, second-time visit on your website means the website will loads faster in the browser. That is why caching is important.

Ignore Redirections

Redirects will put a direct impact on your website speed because one request moved to another link so it will decrease loads speed. So avoid and ignore redirection on the website to manage the speed performance.

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