How to use WhatsApp for marketing of your business?

Social media has gained immense popularity among the people these days in an extensive manner because it allows them for the better communication, sharing different ideas, opinions, posting videos and obtaining efficient knowledge on different aspects. Social media is not only beneficial for the purpose of communication or connection with each other but in the era of business, it has opened certain gates. Businesses that are interested in initiating their business online or have been trying to promote their business online have successfully managed to gain the success through this strategy. Social media has become one of the major strategies among the business marketers as they not only can promote their business but also can obtain an efficient growth. Whenever in general we think of social media, the most common sites that strikes our mind includes Facebook and Twitter most probably but now messaging apps have managed to catch up the networks of social media in an efficient way. The noteworthy part of a messaging application is that it is being used by the business people for promoting their business.

WhatsApp is one of the social messaging applications that were launched in the year 2009. This messaging application is a mobile app and is free to use. It makes use of the internet connectivity of the phone for letting you chat with other users of the application without requiring any sort of text messages or the charges of messages. This application allows you to share the images, files and has the ability for supporting the free voice and video conversations. This social media application also has the capability to support the huge range of phones that has made it famous in the different areas with the charges of SMS such as Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil etc. where around 60% of the population are making use of the WhatsApp for the communication and many other purposes. It is identified as one of the best substitutes for SMS in more than 109 countries.

If we talk about the using of WhatsApp then there are different versions available for the smartphones such as iPhone, android, windows phone and the Nokia phone. There is also the availability of web application and the versions of a desktop for Mac or Windows PCs but there is the requirement of installing the application on mobile first as the app is directly tied to the phone number. After the application is downloaded and installed on the phone the next step you are required to fulfill is associated with the confirming of your country and the phone number. Once all of this is done, you are necessitated to set up your profile so that the conversation can be initiated further easily. There are three main ways which are associated with the application for sharing the messages, images, and videos. These three ways include one-to-one chat, broadcast list and creating the groups.

Businesses these days are using the social media applications consistently than the normal users because it helps them in gaining certain benefits like promotional and obtaining success or growth for the business. The main reason for the business to use this app is that undoubtedly their customers also use the app so it becomes easy for them to provide the information linked to the business product or service. It is identified that around 67 percent of the customers prefers to communicate with the business through apps so that they don’t have to put extra efforts. There are different strategies or rips that can be included by the business for marketing and obtaining the efficient growth. These tips are as following:

Create broadcast list

This is one of the main tips that should be counted by the businesses for the purpose of marketing and business growth. Business must create the broadcast list for the existing customer so that the information associated with the products and services can be delivered to them. This way it will be easier for the businesses to connect with the customers as well. This strategy is proved to be helpful for the businesses who are interested in obtaining the nice amount of business growth and customers.

Share promotional codes

If you are interested to promote your business on WhatsApp then it is important that you should include this tip. This is one of the effective strategies that any business can include to obtain success and accomplishing the purpose of marketing. Business to their special and regular customers should share promotional codes on the app so that whenever next time they use your services they can redeem the code. This way they will be using your services more and will also recommend others to use services of your business. This tip is considered as again the finest strategy that any business can include in the business for marketing purpose.

Organize giveaways

If you want to ensure foot traffic for your business then this is another strategy that you are required to include in your business. As you should be creating the broadcast list so here you can share the information of organizing giveaways for some sort of contests or quiz. This way customer will try their best to win the giveaway and will ask others to join the contests as well and it will help you in promoting the business in an efficient manner. Hence, if you want to obtain success then you must integrate the giveaways strategy.

Consider feedback

Considering the feedback of customer is also helpful in promoting the business product or service on the social messaging app like WhatsApp. Feedback of the customers are very important because it is helpful in understanding the errors that are there in the business. Once the errors are identified with the help of customer’s feedback then they can be resolved so that the problem doesn’t take place next time to the customer. Consideration of feedback is always appreciated by the customer and if you include this strategy in the business then this is the best strategy you have included in the business.

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