SEO Creators tell you about How To Build Strong Presence on Instagram and Twitter sites. Both are the most popular and most used social media sites in all over the World. These two websites have a huge audience and millions of users. You can easily target your audience on these social media sites.

Instagram has a more strong reputation and more users as compare to Twitter because Instagram is used by all age of groups people like children, adults, and seniors etc. It is the best social media site to the target audience. But Instagram is based on the only Mobile platform but Twitter supports both Desktop and Mobile versions.

Instagram has approx 800 million monthly users and Twitter have approx 300 plus millions monthly users and these two are social media sites boss and best trending social media sites.

How To Build Strong Presence on Instagram and Twitter

To build a strong presence on Social media sites like Instagram and Twitter you need to follow these steps –

Optimize Profile

First, you need to optimize your profile like add a good profile image and write a good description and if you have any website then add website link in Bio. Write good words about yourself and add your birth date and some interesting Emojis.

Daily Upload minimum 3 Posts

To increase your profile reputation, visibility and presence on Instagram and Twitter, you need to post regular approx 3 to 5 posts daily because more posts automatically increase your presence and profile reputation in social media sites.

Regular posting is playing a major role in profile reputation and presence because posts quantity is matter in social media. So upload more posts on social sites.

Use #HashTags in Posts

In Twitter and Instagram #hashtags playing an essential role to increase post reach and visibility in social sites, you need to find popular and trendy hashtags and then add those tags in your posts to generate more reach.

Some forever popular hashtags are #puma #nike #fitness #white #black #model #gym #India #girl etc.

With the help of hashtags, more users can see your post and reach your profile. It is used to increase post visibility and reputation.

Follow Popular Brands or Celebrities

Follow top brand and celebs on Instagram and Twitter to increase your engagements and do commenting on popular posts to increase profile visibility and authority.

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