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Content Optimization

Content is "King of SEO"

As content marketing gains acceptance as a applicable online marketing technique, businesses are generating content of all types at an increased rate. But what superb is compelling content if it can’t be found? The truth is, if it can’t be found by your public, it won’t be very good, that is why content optimization is such a essential step in the content marketing process.


In the content optimization, you are offering informative data that search engines will use to recognize what is your content. Search engines then use this information in the search results they display the suited keyword terms or part. As content in the form of images, videos and text is all added in these search results.

Below are some tips on how best to optimize content in each of these four key formats — text, image, video etc.

SEO Content Optimization

Effective Content Creation Techniques

Optimizing text

Website content optimization is essential for all written text, but it is specially necessary for landing pages that add information about other content.

Title tags: One of the most important aspect of website optimization is the title tag. In HTML code, the title tag is used to set the page title tag, which tells the public what the page is about.

Meta descriptions: Meta descriptions are commonly displayed in (SERP)search engine results page as the description text for every  result, making it a key element of information for your public.

The meta-description should exactly explain what public will search  When they click to your content. Complete meta descriptions is very important for user point of view. normally meta description length is about 150-160 characters.

Meta keywords: Meta keywords are related to meta descriptions. And although the meta keywords tag does not directly help to gain page rankings, they have been known to probably hurt search engine rankings if the tag is “overstuffed.”

Content Marketing Strategy

URLs: A keyword URL offers search engines more information about your content. So, in extension to optimizing content tags, your URL structure should be develop to assure that it is meaningful, and contains the right keywords that are suited to your content.

Optimizing images

As public usually searches for images, the optical content you display on your website also needs to be optimized for discovery. Not only are images add in specific Image finding on search engines, they can also occur in the main Web search results — if the search engine determines that your image is suited to a particular search term. In fact, your images may occur on a SERP even when your other content pages don’t.

Alt tags: Alt tags deliver as alternate text to explain the image when the image is not possible to be displayed.

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Image tags: Same as alt tags, image tags label the words that should present when a user scrolls over an image. They also help your user or public to understand the context of the image, so the tag text you choose should describe the image completely and have suited keywords.

Optimizing videos

video content is easier than ever for everyone, add marketers to produce video content. From the various videos that have gone famous, we are accomplished that videos don’t naturally need to be recorded to be outstanding — they just need to be interesting, enjoyable and useful.

Video titles: Your video title should have suited keywords, but should also proposal to your user interest. unsuitable titles that are totally keyword-responsive will lead visitors to believe that your video is just for marketing. Your goal should be to draw people in with a meaningful title that attract them to watch your video till the end.

Video descriptions: A video description is clearly tells about your video and should set users expectations on what they will want to see. start your  video descriptions with a link to your website page, that is most suitable to the subject, so users can know where they can find the complete  content and other information you give.

Match User Intent

User intent is most important for SEO. Even now a days User intent is much more powerful then updating content regularly and updating your websites again and again. Always give a relevant content to user, provide unique and informative content to user. So that user easily understand your content. Even it will be benificial if you Keep on updating your previous website content regularly and making it user friendly. 

Google loves more words

Google is hungry for good content, now a days the quality content is the king of SEO. Content is the major part of website ranking, Google only wants good content with informative knowledge for better user experience and for website ranking. Content Optimization is very important to boost your website  ranking day by day. That is why content marketing is playing biggest role in present SEO scenario.



Create High Quality Content

For creating a high quality content there are some key factors:

  1. Use grammar properly,
  2. use proper grammar spelling in content correct spelling,
  3. check the spelling.

Keep content length relevant.  Aim for a length that delivers the information. Be clear and make your points clear and easily understood.


Establish Authority

Establishing authority is the hardest step in this whole list. One of the biggest hurdle is  to building authority is that it’s hard to define correctly what “authority” is. Most of us recognize an article when we read it, but we aren’t exactly clear on the specific features that characterize that content. Quality content, unique content and establishing authority content will boost your page value and page rank.