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Code Optimization in SEO

Code optimization is a technique of code modification to increase code quality. A program may be optimized so that it becomes a smaller size, executes more rapidly, consumes less memory or performs minor input/output services. The basic needs of optimization techniques should submit with an optimized program that must have the equal output and side effects as its non-optimized version. This need may be ignored in the case that the benefit from optimization, is estimated to be more important than possible change in the program behavior.

Website Code should be Clean, structured and optimized.

Code Optimization

Types and Levels of Optimization

Optimization can be implemented by automatic optimizers, or programmers. An optimizer is a software tool or a built-in unit of a compile, latest processors can also optimize the execution order of code instructions.

Optimizations are divided into high-level and low-level optimizations. High-level optimizations are usually performed by the programmer, who handles (classes , functions, procedures) and Low-level optimizations are implemented at the moment when source code is compiled into a set of machine instructions. With manual code optimization, one faces another problem and another one  doesn’t just need to know how completely optimization should be done, but also find what particular part of the program should be optimized. 

What to Optimize ?

Optimization takes extra time that you’ve spent on developing the code, so it’s better to focus on optimizing this time 10% of code rather than try to optimize the all program. These code fragments are known as bottlenecks, and can be find by special utilities.

Good and Bad Outcomes of Optimization

In programming, mostly  everything should be consider from the view point of good sense- optimization is no exception. There is a belief that code written by an inexperienced Assembler programmer is 2-4 times slower than code generated by the compiler.

W3C Validation

The W3C Validation Service is a provided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that allows Internet users or developers to check HTML and XHTML documents for well-formed markup.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content, the meta tags does not occur on the page itself, but only in the page’s code. We all know tags from blog culture.


Script Management

Scripts are the real meal of system administrators. Being able to make use of a huge set of scripts suited for various tasks is needed for a system admin.


Minifing CSS, JS Code

Minifying  introduce  the process in computer programming of deleting unneeded and wasted data without changing their source code.