SEO Creators will tell you about the Best Tips and Techniques for YouTube SEO. First, you need to know about SEO and why it is important. See we all know that SEO is playing a very important role in Google search engine and other search engines like YouTube because YouTube is a second largest video-based search engine.

We do SEO in Google to increase our website visibility and rank in search results and the same process we need to do on YouTube to increase our video rank on YouTube. Because if we don’t do SEO on YouTube than its very difficult to improve video rank and visibility.

YouTube SEO Benefits –

It will put an impact on video ranking and visibility

Improve your video views

Improve Channel popularity and subscribers

Improve video reputation and authority

Attract More users

These are the important benefits of YouTube SEO but major benefits are it will increase video popularity and views and channel popularity and subscribers also.

Best Tips and Techniques for YouTube SEO

Optimize The Featured Image of Video

Video featured image is playing a very important role to attract more users because people will see the video on YouTube on the basis of cover image and title. First, you need to optimize the image, add a very relevant and attractive image on video cover to increase views.

Optimize Title of Video

After optimizing the cover photo of the image than you need to set a unique, relevant and attractive title of the video. The title is put a direct impact on users mind so optimize title for better views. A great title will help you to increase video visibility and views. Write an attractive title for your video to generate video traffic and increase views and visitors.

Add More Relevant Tags

To improve your video rank and visibility in YouTube, you need to do a tags analysis on YouTube to know about popular tags like in Google we do keyword research but in YouTube, we need to do tags research. To do tag research you can search on YouTube with your one tag and it will show you all the related tags.

Add all those tags in your video description to increase rank in YouTube. Tags are a major part of YouTube SEO because with the help of tags you can increase your video rank and value.

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