SEO Creators will tell you about 4 Tips to boost website speed and Performance. Most of the businesses are having their own websites so that they can earn more benefits but for accomplishing the objective there are the requirements of traffic. Search engine optimization is one of the techniques which are being used these days for attracting the customers to a specific business website. If the customers are not visiting the website then there is no use of integrating the techniques like search engine optimization.

The most important factor for attracting the customer to a website is the speed. The speed of a website is the most important fragment for enhancing the traffic and enhancing the conversions on the website. Around half of the users of internet anticipate that the website will be opened in not more than two seconds and if a website is consuming so much time to load then they don’t even bother to visit the website.

4 Tips to boost website speed and Performance

However, if we discuss the reduction in conversions then in a second of delay in the response page leads to the consequence of conversion reduction by more than 7%. In the age of social media and IoT or internet of things, users are connected to each other and nothing can be frustrating for them in terms of a website that is slow. A website that has poor performance most of the times have to encounter the problems like the negative experience of the user and the poor impression of the brand.

These are not the only ones but there are many other issues that can be there such as damaging the rankings on search engines, the loyalty of customer and affecting the bottom line. These days performance of the website is very tightly interlinked with the experience of the user. As we all are residing in the economy that is experienced so it is all because of the experience that is useful for differentiating the organization to sell and creating the recall for the products of business and the services.

It is very important for organizations for taking the steps that are proactive with the end-user level of patience so that the speed optimization of the website for delivering the enhanced experience of user can be ensured.

There are several ways and techniques which are available and can be adapted by the businesses for speeding up the performance of the website and some of them are highlighted below so that the augmented comprehension can be gained:

Infrastructure requirements analysis

One of the major reasons that are accountable for the slow performance of the website is associated with the inadequate components of hardware and software infrastructure which is supporting the website. Because of the competitive nature on the web application frequently businesses gets wrapped up in the application that is fast and linked to the website deployment.

This is why most of the website fails for delivering the performance and consequence in the experience of the user that is unpredictable and unsatisfactory. Hence, it is significant for the organizations to analyze, deploy provision and testing the hardware that is allocated to the website for maximizing the performance. Constant website monitoring is helpful for the website in enabling the owners for identifying the website patterns that are associated with the real-time usage.

These patterns are based on the type of content, size, bottlenecks identification and scale infrastructure for handling the traffic that is unpredictable. Thus, if the analysis of infrastructure requirement is initiated appropriately then enhancing the speed of a website is not that much difficult task.

Enhancing the hosting of the website

Hosting is the aspect which is very important for the performance of the website. If you want to boost up the speed of your website then you should consider this tip. It is identified that the demand for the services of web-hosting which is cost-effective is being increased in a rapid manner. It is considered that for maintaining the high-performance for the websites there should be the time investment, money and choosing the accurate provider of hosting with the infrastructure that is stable including scalability.

Hosting that is efficient and stable has the effect of allowing the technical team for focusing more on bringing the new features of business instead of getting worried about the issues that are interlinked with the network and infrastructure.

Optimization of database

As there are a plethora of factors which are accountable for affecting the performance of the website so another factor that is underlying is a database. The database is helpful in maintaining the dynamic content for the website. The owners of the website must keep a close eye on the space that is a free disk on the servers and must alleviate that is cluttered and useless.

The owners should also be worried about the aspects like backing up the files, plug-in, scripts that are external and libraries of massive media from the database confirming that the users have the efficiency of fetching the content that is request instantly without following the processes that goes through long cycles.

Content delivery network(CDN) 

The use of the content delivery network is useful in speeding up and delivering the file that is static through enhancing the experience of the user on websites. It is useful for the efficient performance of the website. A content delivery network is the group of web servers that are optimized and distributed across the several locations for delivering the content to the user in an efficient manner.

The leveraging of a server linked to the content delivery network for the website is helpful in reducing the latency as it offers the content of web to the users on the location that is geographic. A content delivery network has the efficacy of storing all the files that are associated with the website, content and assets like JS files, images, CSS files and the uploaded assets such as PDFs and videos. Some of the content delivery networks that can be used are Amazon CloudFront, SecureCDN, Cloudflare, Akamai and Incapsula.

Hence, if all of the discussed tips are integrated with the website then businesses can easily experience the boosting up of the website speed.

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